Transaction 95A3AFE32CFC79AC2E9579C0EAA9BC594060209CD89425EFFF12C82C99ED9D2A
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TxHash: 30440220354BFCBE069CA7DE9206D032A500250AFB9394163438769516107D909AF929EB022066FE9D1CE9CF84F1CA0289538EAC5EC51E5C4DB85981FFBE736069660B546E98
Title: A very professional style with a p
Review: Kam Bailey was absolutely wonderful. She worked so hard for my case, with a great outcome. She had constant interaction with me, a quick outcome. A very professional style, but appreciated her personal attitude with me. I can't thank her enough, I would recommend Kam with no hesi
TxReceipt Status: Success
Block Height: 315
TimeStamp: 2 months ago