Transaction 3CB5B6AD1B13E5FC01D995C6B342B3A6656C0A3821A4939907F6D11DC7A5A66F
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TxHash: 3045022100AD0B2B425CEBD9013D3627BC94C6A7BD8F587DF4E602AD02D6F7F84C2B4DB5E902203B9AA3B365B615FA968CBD09CE8C5B377048AC585A6F7AE5240BDC4A561406D8
Title: Wonderful, absolutely recommend
Review: I would absolutely recommend Shayne and Kevin, to anyone who has an employment dispute. They put in such much of their time to help me with my case and then discounted my payment to them. They have been wonderful in helping me through the mediation and getting a result that I was
TxReceipt Status: Success
Block Height: 209
TimeStamp: 3 months ago